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Radon Control Services provides service to:


Cranberry Twp., PA

Wexford, PA

Gibsonia, PA

Allison Park, PA

Monroeville, PA

Mars, PA

Butler, PA

Murrysville, PA

and the surrounding areas
of Western Pennsylvania.



Frequently Asked Questions

Radon Myths

I have a new home so radon won't be an issue?

Since radon enters the home from the soils beneath the home, the age of the home is not indicative of whether or not radon will be an issue in your home. Radon is often present in both new and older homes.

My house is built on a slab (I have no basement) so radon won't be an issue?

To the contrary a house with no basement is built directly on the source of the radon (the soil) and can certainly have elevated radon levels.

My builder installed a "passive radon system" so I won't have a radon problem?

Passive systems can be very effective where there are low levels of radon, however you should still test your home for elevated levels as a passive systems allows radon to escape, it does not actively remove the radon gas from underneath your home.

Radon is only present over mining areas?

Elevated levels of radon are found in both mining and non-mined areas.

My radon level was only elevated because the home was closed up prior to the testing?

Radon is constantly moving. As it moves it hits things (walls etc) and "plates out" or dies. Therefore radon can't build up because it is constantly dying and being refreshed.

My neighbors had their home tested and it was fine so mine will be fine as well?

Although radon levels tend to be higher in certain areas, many times we find elevated levels of radon right next to a property with acceptable levels.  Testing is always recommended.



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